With the Spring sunshine finally upon us and the warmer weather looking like it’s here to stay, thoughts turn to the changing of the seasons and how this affects your hair care routine. Hotter temperatures, humidity and long days in the sunshine can take their toll on your locks, but there are certain things you can do to ensure your hair is happy, healthy and glossy no matter how hot it gets.

We’ve asked our team of expert hair stylists at our Cheltenham and Nailsworth hair salons for their top tips when it comes to summer-proofing your hair. Here’s what they had to say:

Smartbond Your Locks

A revolutionary new hair protection treatment for coloured hair, Smartbond works to strengthen and protect the hair fibre during the colouring process, leaving your hair nourished, supple and strong. Particularly beneficial for those with lightened hair who find that the sun and warmer weather can leave their locks feeling dry and damaged, Smartbond’s unique three-step treatment process is simply added by your colourist during the colouring process, leaving your hair strong, shiny and protected – ready for whatever the weather throws your way this summer. Discover the Smartbond difference in our Nailsworth and Cheltenham hair salons today – simply ask your stylist during your next appointment.

Moisture Boost

Your skin isn’t the only thing that craves a drop of moisture following a stint in the sun. Direct sunlight, hot temperatures and salty water can all work to dry your hair out, leaving it feeling in need of a little TLC.  We’ve got you covered with our luxurious Kérastase Fusio Duo treatments; a fast-acting moisture ‘shot’ for your hair, added by your stylist during the shampoo and conditioning process for a speedy yet long-lasting injection of hydration. With a number of formulas available to treat specific hair concerns, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Fusio-Duo for your hair’s needs, leaving your hair feeling nourished and glowing. Give our Front of House team a call or visit our hair treatments page to find out more.

Keep it Trim

It’s a tale as old as time, but keeping your haircuts regular can make all the difference to your hair health, particularly during the warmer months when drier hair follicles can make your hair prone to breakage and splitting. Make sure you keep your trims regular – every 4 -6 weeks is ideal – to keep on top of breakage, ensuring your hair fibres remain strong and supple. Regular visits to your hairstylist can also help to identify potential hair concerns before they become a problem, nipping any issues in the bud with a specific treatment or course of action.

Pop in to see us at either of our luxury hair salons in Cheltenham or Nailsworth to chat to a member of our expert team about summer-proofing your hair. Find out where we are here.