In the first of our series of meet the team interviews, we introduce you to Michelle Blake – international style consultant and the expert behind our brand-new Hair Identity consultation service.

What initially drew you to style consulting?

I have always been inspired by the diversity of people, particularly when it comes to how we as individuals approach creating our own personal style as an extension to our own identities. I’ve also always been drawn to the business of fashion and so opted for a career path that would enable me to combine these passions; working with men and women to help them establish their own personal style, in turn making them look and feel as good as possible.

Where has your career taken you to date?

I’m incredibly lucky to have worked all over the world with my style consulting business. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of presenting for L’Oréal worldwide in the art of consultation and was commissioned by Specsavers to create a consultation method to help their staff guide customers towards choosing the correct frame, shape and colour to suit them. I’ve also worked a great deal here in Cheltenham and closely alongside the team at Blushes, helping the salon’s expert hairdressing team develop a consultation process that goes above and beyond to establish the perfect hair style for all clients. My number one aim is to help the Blushes team form strong, trusting bonds with clients by offering an unrivalled hair consultation service, something I really feel we’ve achieved with Hair ID.

What makes Blushes’ Hair ID consultation so unique?

Hair ID is an entirely bespoke, personalised service which takes more factors than ever before into account in order to establish what the perfect hairstyle for you should be. Taking place in Blushes’ dedicated Style Pod consultation booth, the consultation takes you through a unique 5-step system that we’ve created – looking at everything from eye colour, skin tone and hair texture, to personal style and your lifestyle – to point you towards a cut and colour that will make you look and feel better than ever before. This is a hair consultation like you’ve never experienced before, going into more detail than any other salon to really give you confidence-boosting locks.

What led you and the Blushes Hair & Beauty team to create Hair ID?  

According to statistics from L’Oréal, whilst 97% of stylists felt like they were giving their clients a thorough hair consultation, only 7% of salon customers felt the same. There was clearly a discrepancy between how clients and stylists felt they were approaching hair consultations, so we wanted to lead a rectification across the industry, pioneering an in-depth consultation like never before; available to all clients on a complimentary basis. At Blushes, we strive to place our clients at the centre of everything we do and pride ourselves on giving every client that special ‘Blushes Feeling’ when they visit us. The Hair ID service is the perfect example of this – something totally unique, designed specifically to make our clients feel as special and looked after as possible when they visit us.

What do people find the most interesting part of the Hair ID process?

Our clients love the level of detail we go into when it comes to really getting to know them, discussing their lifestyle, hobbies, work and own personal style preferences, and how these choices can affect their hair. Our colour palette matching step is also always really interesting; so many clients admit they’ve never really known what colours suit them and the results can often be surprising!

What shines through in every consultation, though, is how much every client loves us taking the time to really get to know them. In today’s busy world, it’s rare that anyone is given the time to talk about themselves and what they really want from their hairstyle in a great level of detail, and that’s exactly what Hair ID aims to do; give you the time you need in order to leave our salon looking and feeling better than ever before.

To try out a completely complimentary Hair ID consultation at either of our Cheltenham or Nailsworth hair salons, simply give our Front of House team a call via the contact page.