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Who Are Blushes?

Well, we’re not your typical hair salon that’s for certain. Whilst we we’re obviously proud of any awards we’ve won, they don’t compare to a word of thanks from a happy customer!

We want all of our salons to be beautiful and luxuriant. However, it’s creating an amazing customer experience that really counts for us. We challenge ourselves to make even the simplest of trims feel like a special treat.

We LOVE to innovate, to think creatively and be the leader in new customer focused ideas - like our unique HAIR ID service.

We believe that our teams are fantastic! They are the fuel that carries us and the reason that we have a growing family of salons. So we recruit carefully, invest in training and reward everyone who is part of the Blushes family.

Inspired by innovation, fuelled by fun and delivered in luxury



We’re a passionate bunch, hair & beauty professionals with a strong to desire to push boundaries and set trends. In every possible way we like to challenge ourselves and this directly relates to the Blushes environment, service and staff. We do this by design, using a combination of technology, training and creative thinking.

We see ourselves as creatives who want to be best in class.
Learn more about HAIR ID for just one example of how we like to innovate.



Whether you're dropping in for a morning manicure or colour consultation, when you step into a Blushes Salon, you’ll instantly sense the FUN. Our staff are The Blushes Family, some of whom have been with us for over two decades. That sense of belonging is why we’re able to enjoy what we do and in turn deliver a relaxed, enjoyable but professional experience.

We’re big on smiles and laughter is welcomed - it’s no fun otherwise!



Step inside a Blushes Salon and feel the difference. Enjoy some all-important ‘me time’, watch your colour being made and mixed whilst sipping on Champagne and reading a glossy. Choose the chic nail bar for a little extra pampering.

In every Blushes Salon you’ll sense the luxury. The decor is sensational, the setting is unique and
the lighting is designed to show off your new look.



Welcome to the Blushes awards cabinet, a collection of some of our
proudest moments and a little spot where we get to showcase some of our achievements.